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2019, ART FOR GOOD BY egomonk


Join India's Largest Exhibition of
Desi Art

Developed with love by egomonk

October 2019 – February 2020
Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi

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What is 100 Desi Posters?
It’s a digital and physical celebration of our desiness, limitless talent, and unique ability to make sense of life using culture. We aim to crowdsource desi art from all over the world and highlight it using social media and multi-city public exhibitions.

desi art inspires a
billion minds

There have always been many Indias in India and desi art is the easiest way I know to connect us with each other.

— Sartaj Anand

Founder, egomonk


This is going to be epic.


June 3

August 4

September 2

Oct 25 to Nov 17

Nov 22 to Dec 15

Dec 20 to Jan 12

Oct 25 to Feb 2

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Your donation will further our vision of celebrating desi culture.

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We are tremendously grateful for your support and would like to give you a framed and signed limited-edition poster to commemorate your involvement with 100 Desi Posters.




You are a pillar of our growing community and in addition to the limited-edition poster, we would be honoured to have you join one of our patron dinners in Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi.




Your commitment to culture and art is astonishingly rare and we will celebrate it with a public acknowledgment on our digital and physical channels. This would be in addition to all other benefits.


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Sartaj Anand


Sartaj Anand

Soumya Bhasin

Project Lead

Soumya Bhasin

Sonia Lewis

Partnerships Lead

Sonia Lewis

Raunak Anand

Finance Lead

Raunak Anand


Who can apply?

Everyone who can sketch, paint or doodle.

Does it matter where I live?

No. Anyone from around the world can apply to showcase their work at 100 Desi Posters.

Are there any themes or categories for submitting posters?

No. There are no themes or categories.

Who decides on the final selection?

The members of our jury will be curating the final 100 posters.

Are there any awards for the finalists or winners?

No. But all finalists will have their work showcased at the public exhibition.

What's the ideal size of the poster?

The poster should at least be A3 size i.e. 3508 pixels x 4961 pixels at 300 ppi.

Does the poster need to be in landscape or portrait orientation?

Any orientation will do.

Is there any application fee for artists?

No. There is no application fee.

How many posters can one person submit?

One person can submit only one poster.

Is there an age restriction for applicants?


Does my poster have to be in Hindi?

No. Your submissions can be in any language. We want to explore and celebrate your understanding of Desiness.

Does my poster have to be designed in 2018?

No. Your submission could have been designed in any year.

Do I have to print and send my own physical poster?

No. You only need to submit a high resolution (at least 3508 pixels x 4961 pixels at 300 ppi) digital file.

Where will the exhibition be?

Online as well as in Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi.

Who can attend the exhibition?

Our exhibition is free and open to the public.

Can I withdraw my submission?

No. Once you’ve submitted your poster the application cannot be withdrawn.

Can I change my poster entry?

No. Once you’ve submitted your poster the application cannot be modified.

What happens to the ownership of the poster and associated artwork?

All rights remain with the creator at all times.

Will 100 Desi Posters use the submissions in any way or form?

100 Desi Posters (a property of egomonk) may use the uploaded artwork in promotional material such as videos, ads, donor gifts, etc.

What will be the selection criteria used by the jury?

Desi identity, ability to define the desi aesthetic, contextualisation of the submission and its uniqueness are some of the factors that will inform the jury’s selection process.

What will the selected winners get out of it?

The winners will be featured both digitally and physically via the exhibition to showcase their work to the largest possible audience.

Are photographs eligible?

Photographs are eligible as long as some artistic or design-led intervention has occurred to it.

What are the terms and conditions for 100 Desi Posters?

You can find all terms and conditions HERE.

Join India’s Largest Exhibition of Desi Art

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