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2019, ART FOR GOOD BY egomonk

Terms & Conditions

  • No Plagiarism: All posters submitted by the Creator (you) shall be the original work of the Creator. If any such posters are found to be plagiarized, the application of the concerned Creator will be disqualified. Further note that such Creator who submits plagiarized work will be liable to indemnify us of any loss caused, including but not limited, to our reputation due to submission of such plagiarized work.
  • Modification: We reserve the right to alter these Terms and Conditions at any point in time. If there is material change to these Terms and Conditions, we will notify you via internet mail. Further, we reserve the rights to determine what constitutes “material change”.
  • Decision Of The Jury: The decision of our jury in so far as making the final selection of the posters is final.
  • No Fee: Note that there is no fee for submitting your application/poster.
  • One Post Per Creator: Each Creator may submit only one poster. In other words, the Creator can’t submit multiple posters.
  • No Withdrawal: Note that once a poster is submitted, that poster can neither be withdrawn or modified.
  • Moral Rights Of The Creator: The Creator hereby waives his moral rights. Moral rights include rights of attribution, right to publish anonymously or pseudonymously and the right to integrity of work. In the event that such a waiver is not enforceable in the court of law, the Creator hereby agrees not to sue for moral rights.
  • Proprietary Rights: All intellectual property rights connected with the poster lies solely with the Creator. We do not claim any ownership rights over any posters submitted to us.
  • Permission You Give Us: The Creator hereby grants us a non-exclusive, royalty free, worldwide license in perpetuity of the intellectual property so connected with the poster to use the same any in promotional activities, modify, publicly and privately display, reproduce, sell derivative works, distribute the posters physically and through digital mediums.
  • Jurisdiction: In the event of any dispute that may arise between the Creator and us, such claims are subject to the territorial jurisdiction of Courts in Bangalore and the laws prevailing in Bangalore.